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Due Diligence
Our due diligence-examinations include a systematic analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the purchased property, an analysis of the risks associated with the purchase and a profound, technical, legal and economic analysis and valuation of the property.
We are happy to bring in our know-how also as a part of a comprehensive due-diligence examination.
Fact check
  • appointments for exterior and interior inspection
  • external and internal inspection with photo documentation
  • brief explanation of the regional market situation in the real estate sector
  • brief assessment of the location and property factors
  • performance of visible and significant building defects/damages
  • general assessment
  • investigation of the official land value
  • extensive tenancy research of individual sub-markets
  • range of information and information about the assessment approach of all essential measurement parameters (operating expenses, property rate, Total-/remaining service life, production costs, property value adjustment factor, etc.)
  • plausibility check by comparing factors
  • representation of the market price spectrum by "purchase price pillar"
Appraisal examination
You will believe that a present appraisal is is wrong or you need a second objective opinion?
We offer appraisal examinations for all appraisal and property types. Thereby the appraisal is examined for formal errors by the specialist from our team of experts. These include compliance with applicable legislation (eg ImmoWertV, BelWertV), the correct application of valuation models and the traceability of the valuations.
The identified defects are documented and communicated to the client.
In many cases, especially in case of implausible value-relevant data (market orientation) often the creation of a new assessment is useful.
You have requirements that go beyond the range shown here? Our experienced team of specialists has experience in all areas of real estate valuation and offers customized solutions. We can help you establish efficient processes as well as in the development of customized products and services.
For more information about the performance or to receive a product sample, contact us here.