The qualification of our valuers

All connected real estate valuers have degree at the Sprengnetter Academy (Sprengnetter real estate valuation) or certification accredite by the TGA certification body of Sprengnetter Zertifizierung GmbH.
The relevant qualification is documented through the conduction of the below pictured stamps.
Certified valuer for the market and mortgage valuation of all property types ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (Al)
ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (Al)
The degree "ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (Al)" is the highest qualification to be achieved and demonstrates that the valuer for the market and mortgage lending value of all property types is competent. In particular, this includes the special properties (such as logistics real estate, commercial real estate, catering homes, leisure homes, social housing, etc.). The qualification also covers the solution of evaluation problems in scopes of land management and urban development measures (relocation, urban redevelopment and development measures, land consolidation, urban redevelopment, etc.). Also the creation of rental and lease valuations as well as valuations for accounting purposes, are among the most demanded tasks of these experts. This graduation is usually the requirement to be able to operate in a committee of experts of a real estate fund.
Certified valuer for the mortgage lending market and valuation of residential and commercial real estates ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (WG)
ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (WG)
The degree "ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (WG)" is for appraisers, that in addition to the certification for the evaluation of standard real estate furthermore require a qualification for the evaluation of major commercial properties (eg properties with warehouse and production buildings, commercial buildings, office and practice buildings, etc.). Appraisers have also demonstrated with the completion of forensic knowledge and thus meet the requirements to be met by legal appraisers (e. g., foreclosure, divorce, inheritance discussion).
Certified valuer for the market and mortgage lending value of standard homes ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (S)
ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (S)
Appraisers with the degree "ZIS Sprengnetter Zert (S)" are qualified for the most common tasks in the assessment practice.
This includes in particular market and mortgage lending value appraisal of standard real estate (vacant land, residential real estate, residential property as well as smaller mixed-use and commercial properties).
Certified valuer for real estate valuation GIS (Sprengnetter Academy)
geprüfter Sachverständige
Theoretical and practical skills for a full-time position as an appraiser (degree and minimum 2 years assessment experience).
Certified real estate evaluator GIB (Sprengnetter Academy)
geprüfter Immobilienbewerter
Demonstrated competence in the field of property valuation.
Certified Property inspector (Sprengnetter Academy)
geprüfter Objektbesichtiger
The following stamps are no longer awarded, but continue to have validity: