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Market and mortgage lending value appraisal

In the financing of real estate above the small loans range or non-standard real estate often the creation of a market and mortgage lending value appraisal is required. Especially with national operating credit institutions, individual and timely effort is relevant, and also usually lacks a deep local market knowledge. Often an access to external appraisers is essential, which is in turn connected with high coordination costs.
With Sprengnetter real estate appraisal you have a competent contact person for all appraisal requests. We offer our customers a Germany-wide, uniform creation and delivery of market and mortgage lending appraisals for all property types:
  • Condominiums
  • Single-and duplex-family residential houses
  • Multi-family residential houses
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Commercial Property
  • Industry, management and specialized real estate
The offer prices are based on the unmortgaged market value of the property, the (annual) volume of orders, the property type (standard or custom property) and the desired level of service. Through variable power scope, our customers can configure an optimal assesment according to price and service:
  • providing documents
  • brief or detailed description of property and documentation
  • short or detailed explanation of essential assets
  • examination and the consideration of rights and burdens
  • examination and the consideration of planning and information about contribution taxes
  • examination and the consideration about monument protection
  • examination and the consideration of risks of contaminated sites and environment
  • examination and consideration of the admissibility of (construction) projects under Building Code § 29 ff
  • translations, etc.
The mortgage lending value for (real) credit institutions takes place on the basis of individual standards (such as internal lending rule standards value) or the BelWertV. In each report, the market value according to § 16 Pfandbrief Act is reported. We advice all consultants before delivery to the customer a re-examination by our own certified appraisers. This consistent application of the "4-eyes principle" gives you additional security and is consistent with our philosophy of quality.
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