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Market value appraisals

Sprengnetter real estate valuation assesses and prepares market value appraisals Germany-wide for all property types and sizes, on request with detailed derivations and illustrations according to Bulding Code ยง 194 (for example, in which for court usual extent):
  • Standard real estate (single-family residential houses, duplex-family residential houses, condominius, apartment houses)
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Commercial real estate (eg office buildings, shopping centers, ect.)
  • Industrial sites
  • Real estate Management (such as nursing homes, hotels, etc.)
  • Special purpose real estates (such as gas station, golf courses, etc.)
We also assume the validation and updating of foreign appraisals or verify your own assessment approaches in the form of a fact check according to the "4-eyes principle".
If necessary, the evaluation of real estate, commercial and industrial sites across Europe is also possible. Please contact us for further information
For more information about the performance or to receive a product sample, contact us here.